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The founder of the Florida jaguars, is also the team history first boss H- Wayne Huey had died at the age of 80 to today.

Puma boss Vincent -J- Viola said in a statement: “all members of the Florida Jaguars huizenga’s death was very sad, I always will be Mr. huizenga as my example, he has inspired me. His visionary, civic minded leadership and success on ice will continue to exert great influence on every step we take in the southern Florida community.

Huizenga in 1992 the leadership team will be expanded to NHL Zhang Jun puma, the 1993-94 season officially started the race, the initial season will be achieved 33-34-17 record, accumulate 83 points. This is the top record of Zhang Jun’s previous expansion until this year was broken by the gold knight.

NHL President Gary – Bateman also said: “the sound huizenga is a visionary entrepreneur, but he took only three years (1996) led the team in the NBA finals jerseys ca.”

“Open the huizenga southern Florida hockey market. NHL to huizenga’s family and the entire sports and business he had been infected and encouraging people, including Florida, due to his numerous players and fans, to express my deep grief.”

In addition, the BB&T center also huizenga investment and construction, the venue since the 1998 opening, has been used as a home court.

In addition to puma, huizenga also used to have NFL MLB Miami dolphins and the Florida Marlins, which made him in a period of time has become one of the most influential North American boss occupation sports. In 2001, huizenga to sell the team; after Puma also retired lucky number 37, huizenga, to show their respect for him.

The Stanley cup champion, the AHL Hall of fame players leave

NHL two veterans died as assistant general manager of the national team in blue

The AHL Hall of fame player Dick Gump, who had won the Stanley cup, died yesterday at the age of 89. AHL Rochester Americans yesterday from the family’s gamble was informed of the news of his death, and officially announced today.

Gamble was Monckton who lived in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, New York pittsford. He worked in 1953 as a member of the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley cup, and lead the luoqisite won three symbol AHL champion cup calder. When retired, Gump was ranked fourth (468) on the AHL history list, with a score of fifth (892).

NHL career, gamble has worked for Canadians jerseys cheap, Chicago hawk and Toronto maple leaves three teams for eight seasons, 195 games in the regular season, contributed 41 goals and 41 assists.

In 2007, gamble was elected to the AHL Hall of fame, but a year later, his hall of fame ring was found by a diver at the bottom of the lake. Careless gamble was unaware of the loss of the ring.

The assistant general manager became the 2018 U.S. men’s national team general manager

The ice blue and Columbus today announced that its blue assistant general manager Bill was officially appointed as the general manager of the men’s national team in 2018. IIHF World Championships will be held in Denmark in May this year, Zito will do supervision work in personnel selection process.

“This is a great honor, I am grateful to the IIHF given the opportunity, and look forward to working with the Advisory Group, jointly completed a successful event.” Joe said, “during the world championships in the playoffs during intense blue, I would like to thank the blue team to support my work, I hope we can go all the way.”

Pennsylvania is Zito graduated from the Yale University, Pittsburgh, 1984-87 years played four years of College hockey. After that, he went to the University of Wisconsin law school, during which he had been a teaching assistantship.

Formed by a large number of NHL general manager of the Advisory Group will help with the completion of personnel selection work tsito, black hawk, the predator and the devil, the leopard and the Rangers general manager of all columns.

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