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Mr Diego won the NHL champion skills, he can challenge the short track speed skating?

Beijing morning, the first day of the NHL all star game skills contest ended in the Tampa Bay Liere Mui hall, the Pacific Division eventually became the biggest winner, they won the championship 4 times in all 6 competitions, and won the right to choose the opponent. Which is quite interesting. The speed of project, by the Edmonton oilers young Mike Dafydd defending the genius. Compared with other ice hockey skills, such as ball control, shooting and so on, the challenge of the speed limit of simple competition can’t help but think of the Olympic short track speed skating competition that Chinese athletes have been doing well. [more NHL wonderful content]

1, oil star Mike David won again in the all star game. Today the rapid, won the championship

2, although the king of wheat ball king 13 seconds 454 of the NHL, but compared to the Olympic short track speed skating 39 seconds 500m still have a small gap

Today, the 3 All Star runner up rapidly commander in an interview, comparison of short track speed skating and fast: not the same equipment, not the same wonderful

Now in NHL, if there is need and the speed of the opponent competition, then no one would hope that their opponent is Mike David, the Edmonton oilers star people impressed again in today’s speed commander in the game, although today Mike Dafydd ran out of 13 seconds 454 seconds 310 to 13 than last year some slow, but still enough to beat the other challenger. Boik, the host player, came out first, and his 13 seconds and 579 scores kept the lead all the way. No one surpassed. Until Mike Dafydd came out last time to smash Tampa Bay, the local fans saw their players’ good wishes. Mike Dafydd has become a NHL in the speed in the first to complete the project. The defending player.

Mike Dafydd personal best score of 13 seconds 310 is not NHL the fastest in history, the creation of the all star game the fastest lap record player is from the Detroit Red Wings’ Dylan – Larkin, he in the 2016 all star game, Mike Gardiner broke the dusty 20 years no one can touch the record and, 13 seconds to 386 Gardiner recorded a substantial increase to 13 seconds 172, the benchmark tree is indeed a little high, do not know when anyone can be refreshed.

In the Olympic Games, is the 500 short track speed skating in the shortest distance, about 5 times of the arena, now short track speed skating in the men’s 500 metres world record holder for the United States JR Sayers Ki, who in October 2012 in Canada Calgary created 39. 972 seconds has been broken, if this result simply divided by 5 then, 100 meters result is about 8 seconds or so, of course, this algorithm is too simple and crude, but whether or Mike David Larkin, want to run into 13 seconds are very difficult, ran 10 seconds is almost impossible, not to mention the game 8 seconds sikorski. In fact, Larkin’s 100 meters glide speed than even China’s female athlete Fan Kexin has an obvious gap between the creation of the United States in 2012 Salt Lake City al fan 42 second world record of 504 is enough to let Mike Dafydd as the world’s top ice hockey players to catch up.

Ice hockey skates, in order to be able to complete the emergency stop sharp, flat part of the thickness of the middle Frostsaber must be more than 80 mm, the blade is shorter before and after round knife. The athletes are wearing special track skates, Frostsaber not only thinner, the blade bottom and radian, and ice smaller contact surface. Short track speed skating world top athletes skate is often dedicated to creating, Changchun short track speed skating champion Li Jiajun, former world champion has a pair of golden skate shoes, he is the only male athletes with golden ice skates. The color of the ice skates, only a brilliant athletes are eligible to use. After retiring, Li Jiajun kept the shoes well. The value of these shoes may not be measured by money.

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