NHL sponsors hunger marketing

By • Dec 25th, 2017 • Category: NHL Jerseys News

The gold Knight’s custom version of the wine will be listed next year

In the 2017-2018 season of the Tencent sports news, the NHL union ushered in a new member, the Golden Knight. Although it is a new team, but the performance is not vulgar, the current 22 wins, 9 negative, 2 overtime negative, a total of 46 points, the Western alliance second. The first season of calves, to celebrate the Golden Knight conform to no conventional pattern, wealthy family Winery (Foley Family sponsor Food & Wine Society) and the Golden Knights in December 22nd jointly announced, will launch two models for fans to create, dubbed the Golden Knight logo Limited Edition Wine, respectively is the 2015 Golden Knight John Meredith red Wine and 2015 Golden Knight Xia Longxia Chardonnay Dry White Wine, its price is $50, which belongs to the local mid-range wine. 2015 John Meredith Wine red, taste rich, multi plum fruit flavor; and the 2015 summer Longxia Wine is Chardonnay Dry White flavor, refreshing taste, fans and friends to celebrate the Golden Knight can each one takes what he needs, “maiden season success”.

However, as they are all custom made nhl jerseys, at present, these two wines do not retail, only accept jerseys online reservations, and are expected to start delivery until January 15th next year. I do not know, is this “hunger marketing”, in order to seize the eye? Because, in terms of the quality of wine, whether it is grape producing area, wine making manor or the year of production, it is not very creative. I wonder if fans will buy it only by the naming trademark of “Golden Knight”. However, for this “hunger marketing, manufacturers also put the foot” posture “, which claimed that the distribution range of these two types of special wine, only the Golden Knights of Nevada, beyond the scope of delivery, without. And the other red wine under the flags of the rich family house, in the United States, can be delivered to the door. Then, the “Golden Knight” signs in the end how much influence, the two Wine sales in the end how many fans are willing to pay, let us wait and see, but the other side of the ocean “Knight” fans, we think Wine flavor, far from hi ~ “

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