NHL Stanley Cup China opens hot

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Sharing the cup day tradition or ending the Stanley cup, the Chinese line is burning hot.

Four capitalists lifted Ovichikin in the air, his feet dangling, his body leaning downward, and then plunged into a Stanley glass to drink beer. Gathered here in the Georgetown city to watch the lively crowd, they together arm shouting “Ovi”! Ovici Kim echoed with the crowd’s fist. At the end of the day, forward Tom Wilson and defender Brooks Opic drank beer from the huge container in the same head-and-foot position.

That was June 9, 2018, two days after Washington won its first ever Stanley Cup. This is also a continuation of the 126 year old Stanley cup as a traditional wine cup.

“Drinking barrels may not be so popular in the hockey world,” says Philip Pritchard, the Stanley Cup protector, who has looked after the trophy for nearly 30 years.

Ovichkin and goalkeeper Holterby once helped bring the trophy to the world in variety shows, but in recent trophy deliveries, the practice of serving as a winemaker has raised questions. Parents, children and even referees drink from the trophy at the bottom of their feet.

Pritchard repeated his praise of the capital’s respect for the trophy, but said he also advised them cheap jerseys nhl not to use the trophy as a drinking appliance in order to avoid unnecessary damage. However, this happened when striker Stephenson and former assistant coach Ryan Lambert spent the day with the trophy.

By the time the capitalists engraved their names on the trophy, they might have left a mark of their own, because they were the first, perhaps the last, team to use the trophy as a container in this way. Future champion teams will ban similar celebrations to Washington Capitals.

“We’ll see the impact on the trophy in the future,” Pritchard said. “By the end of September, the Stanley Cup will have to burn the name of the champion and do a series of maintenance and cleaning, then we can systematically check the situation to see if there is any impact. In the early October, when the new season opens, we can probably learn about the situation. The most important thing we need to do is the Stanley cup.

Previously, only the captain of the team could lift the trophy on the ice to celebrate, but now it’s customary for every player, coach, or even coach to have the chance to lift the trophy over his head. Before 1995, the players did not have the chance to spend the day alone with the trophy. There’s a Stanley Cup on display in Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame, but that one was made before 1990, and the one that really travels around the world is the 126-year-old. Such an operation not only increases the commemorative significance, but more importantly, it does need to be doubly careful.

“This may be the ultimate goal of their hockey career,” said Pritchard. “They want to pay enough respect to the trophy because they want it to stay with them and I know they want to win it again.”

That’s what happened to the 126-year-old Stanley Cup this summer, whether the tradition of spending a day with the trophy in the future will continue or not, but for Chinese fans, your chance is here too! Now the Stanley Cup will open a trip to China, Tencent Sports will also have the opportunity to meet with the majority of fans sitting in the “cup of the king” title of the 100-year championship trophy for the first time in China nhl jerseys! On the morning of September 10, the Stanley Cup will be airborne in Beijing, arriving at Tencent Sports Higgard Tower. By then, you will have the opportunity to see the true face of Mount Lushan, zero distance contact with the Holy Grail, and the mysterious gift you can get. Follow-up activities!

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