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The love story behind sports

What will the NHL players do during the long break season during the offseason? Many of them like golf, fishing, and chain restaurants. In Toronto, a group of professional NHL players participated in the charity competition again attracted attention, and this charity event is engaged in the sport is familiar to the table tennis,

Table tennis is a very important sport in the NHL locker room culture. In front of the changing room aisle, players like to warm up with soccer game, but after the game there is also training leisure, the most popular relaxation exercise is table tennis. After the game, many teams in the locker room will be placed table tennis table, the players are excited to attract teammates to the two set, to promote friendship, but also relax. In the famous NHL documentary, produced by HBO, leading to the winter classic road of maple leaf red series, narrated between Cassell and Owen Fenav cannon table tennis interesting bits showdown. (Cassell is a chopper, now two per capita is not in the team, sigh ah)

A sign of a ping pong charity game

The charity game was notable because it attracted a lot of active duty and retired from Canada Ontario Toronto area NHL players and legend. Including the Dallas star team headed niche En.. there are just Segou and Ottawa sign about fat cloth Lhasa, and champion Stam Brooks, more Czech star Giroud (who in 2013 for golf, resulting in missed pre-season training camp and the number of field than for table tennis game seems broken finger) champion finally was the defending champion, aivas from duckling away, this gentleman has three consecutive. “There are at least 5 players brought their own customized racket, there is behind the box to save the racket, this seems to help players win.” Dominic, the organizer and promoter of the charity competition, was interested in evaluating the players who came to play in an interest in NHL’s official website.

Segun is a must – be guest every year

When it comes to the table tennis charity game called SMASHFEST, this is the sixth consecutive year, in the past six years, the charity has raised more than $800 thousand in donations (China do not know there is no such charity event, and the table tennis) money will be put to the Katie Moore Foundation and the Steve Moore Foundation. In the former, is built to help those who suffered a rare cancer patients, the latter is built for head pain suffered by hockey players, behind the two funds are very distraught a sob story, let the world lamented sleight of hand, constantly changing.

Moore’s family was famous in the ice hockey ring in Toronto, because three of Moore’s three brothers, Steve, Mark and Dominic, were admitted to Harvard University with a full athlete scholarship. It became the first ever three brothers in the history of the Harvard University, and in the history of ice hockey jerseys china at the NCAA University of America, there were only 6. The three brothers, three of them were NHL to select the team leader Mark in the sixth round of the 1997 179 cis position is selected (the Penguins of Pittsburgh did not participate because of injury of a NHL), Dick Steve pick by the avalanche team was selected in the second round of the 1998 fifty-eighth, the youngest Dominic in 2000 fourth round ninety-fifth overall by the Rangers selected a hero.

Moore three brothers

Steve Moore was recruited into the avalanche after graduating from the University of AHL and NHL jerseys in echelon to and fro, third seasons, the famous Botuzi incident. Canadian national team members, the Vancouver Yankees captain in the game retaliatory attack behind Steve Moore, leading to cervical damage Steve, had to retire early. The relationship between two people is said to have not settled, and just when the play of the Botuzi although cried at a press conference, is still NHL and IIHF two ice hockey world organization for 18 months. Steve Moore, who retired early, then launched a charity fund to help brain injured hockey players, especially the ETS hockey players. This fund in 2014 should be brother Dominic’s invitation to join the charity match in table tennis, and the following is to talk about the table tennis and hockey related charity game protagonist, Katie Moore’s story.

She is gone

Katie Moore is the wife of Moore’s three brother, old Dominic moore. Like all love stories, they had a very sweet start. The two met at the Harvard University, when Dominic was the hockey team, and Katie was the Harvard women’s team. Dominic recalled that Katie was the most beautiful girl in the women’s football team. The two soon fell in love with each other. After graduation, Katie followed Dominic’s expedition to the West and became Dominic’s wife. Dominic in just a few years of occupation career, has changed 9 teams, two people tired of living in the home run to and fro in they had met, in the Harvard campus near cambridge. In the design from Katie for their first home decoration design details of the plan, Dominic in the ninth team the San Jose Sharks out of the station the 2012 Stanley cup playoffs plan, the bad news came, Katie was confirmed suffering from a rare liver disease. The story so far only a sudden turn for the worse in three games, Stanley cup playoffs (Stanley cup playoffs ice hockey players dream of pride battle) Dominic decided to leave Katie with four Xunyi, and Katie in two months after the surgery, more than half of all liver and has infected gastric resection. But it is still not able to save Katie’s life, after 7 months, this love has passed away, when Katie and Steve just 32 years old.

Moore and his wife’s documentary
In the summer of 2012, he founded the Katie Moore Foundation for his wife who was seriously ill and started the table tennis charity to encourage her wife to overcome her illness and return to health. The next season, as Dominic was free by the team’s invitation, but he refused, away from the ice, to avoid their love met place is perhaps the best way to heal the wound. But his love of ice hockey and his dedication to the game allowed him to start training again in the summer of 2013 and start a new chapter in his life. In the fall of 2013, Dominic joined his old club, the New York Rangers, the first leg of his life with Katie. In October 28th, Dominic after the farewell hockey 18 months and stood in the hockey field, on behalf of the Rangers in the NHL, the day of Moore’s family, Katie’s family came to the garden of Madison stadium, for the players to overcome the difficulties of cheer, to this day, Katie is 33 years old birthday.

Moore accepted an exclusive interview

In the 2013-2014 season, Dominic Moore followed the Rangers into the Eastern Conference finals, the second time he entered the Eastern Conference finals. Dominic was named Matt Stenson’s best comeback award when he returned to the game after a huge fight, the only player who has died in several years in the NHL stadium after being hit by a head injury. The following year, Moore following the Rangers third time in the Eastern Conference finals in sixth games, scored the winning goal, helping the team to enter the first 20 years, he is also the first Stanley Cup finals, Katie warm smile in heaven.

New life continues to be happy

Second years, Dominic and his second wife, but also Harvard alumni (by Harvard alumni know) Heriot Pfister knot. And Katie has not been forgotten, her foundation and table tennis charity game is getting bigger and bigger. The brilliance of human nature in sports is so warm and great at this moment. Let’s learn to be strong in the world of sports.


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