NHL team has allowed to reopen ice rink training

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NHL’s resumption plan has entered the second stage, and all tasks are in an orderly way. On Monday, June 8, us time, the NHL team will reopen training facilities such as the ice rink in their city, if allowed by local rules.

Blake Coleman said on June 5: “it’s great to be back on the ice again and train with your teammates. I have had exchanges with my teammates. Everyone is very excited. I believe many people are. I know that when you have the extra motivation to return to the field, you will feel more excited and motivated in training. ”

Due to novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, the NHL season was suspended in March 12th and the corresponding facilities were also closed. NHL announced on June 4 that from June 8, teams will be allowed to reopen training facilities in their cities and allow players to participate in training activities on a voluntary basis, including ice and land training.

“We have completed all the preparatory work including the provinces, governments, states and counties, so from my point of view, the time to open the training facilities in phase II is right now. We are in the middle of a smooth transition period. Some things can’t be rushed. ” “We don’t have a specific date,” said Lou lamoriello, general manager of New York Island. “We just do it when it’s going to happen.”

All teams must comply with the second phase of the return to work agreement issued by NHL and the NHL players’ Union on May 25. This 21 page document aims to provide players with a safe, healthy and controllable environment to help them recover. NHL said the third phase of the return to work is the opening of the training camp, which will not take place until July 10. The fourth stage is the competition stage, which is the beginning of qualification and seed ranking and the final playoffs.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Canada, the United States and Europe is different, and the policies adopted are different, so Kell has no tactical “what” to do for the rematch plan, said Dubas, general manager of Toronto maple leaf in June 3rd. “I agree with Kyle, we will definitely do something different.” “But what the league and the NHL staff are likely to do more is prepare and study the plans for the rematch,” ramalillo said

Dubas said about 13 players remained in Toronto during the outbreak, and 4 to 5 players have recently returned to the city and need 14 days of quarantine observation. He said the islanders should know by June 7 how many players will come back for training. He said if the players are anxious to come back to training soon, take it easy. “I have to say that about one-third of our players are still in New York,” said ramallano. “But again, training is a very voluntary thing and I will talk to each of them at the weekend. For the players, novel coronavirus pneumonia is all satisfactory for the League to overcome the new crown pneumonia epidemic. When they feel they can come back, we are ready to meet them. It doesn’t matter if they want to be late. ”

When to open training facilities, the team has the final say. The islanders were one of the first teams to open training facilities on June 8, but teams like the Washington Capitol have yet to decide when to start.

“I think the biggest challenge is that you have limited time on the ice.” Capital goalkeeper Brandon Holtby said: “to be honest, I’m just dealing with difficulties passively. But as long as they tell me that I can get on the ice, I will try my best to ensure my safety and get the best out of the ice. “

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