NHL: the glory of retreating – Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys

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NHL | the glory of retreat, the Toronto Maple Leafs team with 13 titles as the former overlord

If the NHL team has the most information, different people must have different answers. But the answer can not be separated from the initial six teams, and the answer must be Montreal Canadians and Toronto Maple Leafs two teams. Montreal Canadians have won the Stanley Cup 25 times so far, winning four major leagues. The team that won the second most times was the Toronto Maple Leafs team jerseys. They were the first championship team in the history of NHL. They also established a dynasty twice in the initial six team period and won 13 Championships.

Today at the home of the Montreal Canadians, the two Canadian centenary teams meet again. In the third quarter, when the maple Leafs team led 1-0 with only three minutes, the Canadian team brought the game into overtime with scandra’s goal. In the end, the Canadian team reversed the maple Leafs team 2-1 with the goal of covalichuk extra time game. The Canadian team who got 2 points now has 61 points to keep the hope of the playoffs. The maple Leafs team, who lost but scored one point, is 66 points ahead of the leopard by two points, ranking third in the Atlantic.

The Toronto Maple Leafs team is a team with rich experience. They were founded in 1906 and were named HC and blueshirts successively. After 1917, the team didn’t have an official name due to the problem of sponsoring companies, but they won the trophy in the Stanley Cup final in 1918 in the first season of NHL. The following year, he gave up in the playoffs because of financial growth, and the Stanley Cup final of that year was suspended because of the Spanish flu. Named St. Patrick in 1919, he won the Stanley Cup again in 22. In 1927, the team officially changed its name to maple leaves and won its third championship in 1932.

After they defeated Montreal Canadians again in the Stanley Cup finals in 1951, maple Leafs’s first dynasty came to an end. After maple Leafs won the ninth championship, their team relied on guard bill Barilko who disappeared in a helicopter and his body was not found. The maple Leafs team in the 1850s as if maple Leafs nhl jerseys online suffered a curse, they have several halts in the playoffs. Some call the incident “the curse of Barilko.”.

Maybe there is a magic coincidence in the world. In 1962, the maple Leafs team won the championship 11 years later after beating the Chicago Black Hawk 4-2 with a big score in the Stanley Cup finals. Six weeks after the maple Leafs won, the wreckage of bill Barilko’s death was found. I don’t know whether maple Leafs won the championship to comfort the spirits of the stars, or whether Barilko’s spirits protected his mother team in the world. After 1962, the second Dynasty of maple Leafs team also began. They won the Stanley Cup three times in a row from 1962 to 1964. After losing for two years in a row, they succeeded in winning the Stanley Cup in 1967, ending the dynasty of the maple leaves in the 1960s.

The 1967 Stanley Cup was Maple’s 13th, when they tied with Montreal Canadians for the NHL’s most successful team. But a year later, in 1968, the Montreal Canadians raised their number to 14. The maple Leafs team has always maintained the unlucky number of 13. This figure makes the maple Leafs team seem to be trapped in a magic spell that lasts for half a century. With the expansion of the alliance, the competition of NHL is getting bigger and bigger, and the former overlord no longer has the authority of the former overlord. Since 1967, they have won only one division title in 1999-2000. Though a regular in the playoffs, he never made it to the Finals again

In the past three years, the maple Leafs team has entered the playoffs, but it is also the first round.cheap nhl jerseys Half a century later, perhaps the dynasty belonging to the maple Leafs team has already become a memory of people, but even if it becomes a dusty history, it will eventually have a time to unseal again.

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