NHL World Championship Return

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NHL World Championship Return with a Total Bonus of US$100,000

Electric competition has always been a fragrant baboon in the market, and the relationship between sports and electric competition is inseparable and wonderful. Following the five major leagues of European football and the NBA, NHL began to lay out sports electric competitions last year. After the first year of hosting the NHL Gaming World Championship, the second NHL World Championship jerseys online in 2019 began to register on March 6, and the champion will receive a prize of $100,000.

Eric Tamonpa (game ID: EKL) won the first NHL World Championship last year, and this year EKI has made a comeback. He competed with 19 ice hockey players from all over the world for the championship in EA Sports NHL19 to defend his glory in defending the championship.

“My greatest motivation is that I want to succeed in everything I do and prove to the world that I am the best.” EKI, a 19-year-old Dutch player, said: “I have made a lot of efforts to win the championship, so championship is my only goal, and other rankings can not satisfy me.”


This year is the second year of the NHL World Championship. Compared with last year, there are some obvious changes in the rules of this year’s tournament. “We listened to the players’opinions, weighed the contest scene and the content of the game, and made changes this year. I think these changes will make the competition more competitive and people more involved. Chris Grill, vice president of NHL Business Promotion, said.

It is reported that the online qualifying tournament is divided into two stages, which will be launched in the “EA SPORTS NHL 19” game (Hockey Ultimate Team), and the first stage will be held on March 13. The Dream Team model allows players to customize team tactics, jerseys and player lists using existing or newly created teams. The second stage of the competition is an online competition organized by Battlefy, a competition management website. As in the first year, the 2nd NHL World Championship has three major competition areas, namely, the United States, Canada and Europe. Players first compete in individual elimination contests. Eight winners from each competition area will enter the final of the competition area. The first five qualifying rounds use the single elimination system, and the last two stages implement the BO3 (three games, two wins system).

In the qualifying tournament, players can use existing or new teams in the Dream Team mode. In the final circle of the nhl jerseys wholesale scene, players will re-select their lineup and the final in Las Vegas will be re-selected. The Dream Team model also updates the rules of the game for the live finals and finals: in two rounds, players can customize the NHL players’formation list, each team consists of 12 forwards, 5 guards, 2 goalkeepers and 5 substitutes. Once a player is selected, the player will be removed from the pool and not be reused. The uniqueness of this year’s competition lies in the fact that players have to be careful in choosing players because of the “draft system”.

Although Nasser is very optimistic about EKI, Regs and Yung Gren, he said that because of the existence of “draft”, it is difficult to predict who will win the championship, and maybe there will be a black horse to kill. “Players have to get out of their comfort zone. Some players are used to their lineup, and some players are keen on fantasy team mode. But now, players are facing the unknown, they will make tough decisions in the draft, we may see some incredible lineup. The good news is that NHL has enough players to build a team of its own style.

Defending champion EKI hopes to defend his honor: “Faced with pressure and the temptation of money, this is cheap jerseys nhl not only a game, but also to increase his life experience.” This year, EKI won the Finnish Division Championship at 1V1battle and 6V6, and the 6V6 European Championship. “I look forward to going to Las Vegas again.” EKI said.

EA stands, NHL sings, and the 2nd NHL World Championship is about to start. “NHL 19” is a well-made ball game: it has a kind of rugby-like tough play, but more extreme, faster, “collision like a man”. If you are a sports game enthusiast, the NHL series will definitely shine in your eyes!

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