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Willing to be the green leaf for the king of the ball

In NHL, what is the experience of being a teammate with Connor McDavid, who is known as the “NHL active king”? To this question, Mike David’s teammate, 24-year-old Edmonton oil forward Leon draisaitl, gave the answer: “as long as he creates enough space and gives him the right to the ball, he can create a good opportunity for the team.”

From the data of dreisette this season, it’s not unreasonable to say that. In 19 games, dreisette has scored 14 goals, ranking first in the oil man team. In addition, dreisette has also made 20 assists, which makes him lead the whole team in the scoring list of goals and assists. In this season, the oil man team also occupied the first place in the Pacific Division with a record of 12-5-2.

To the outside world, among Drexel’s data, there are a lot of credit from mcdewald. It’s easy to understand that the 22-year-old has scored more than 100 points in three seasons and averaged 1.31 goals per game. His control of the ball is unmatched in the league. Obviously, cheap nhl jerseys he is the most important player in the oil team, these are not the parts that Drexel can match.

Drexel, who lives in the shadow of McGonagall king, doesn’t want to hide his situation: “obviously, I’m not stupid enough to say to others that I don’t care about those individual awards myself. Every player wants to win. But I don’t think I have a competitive relationship with him. We try to make each other better. If he scores three goals, I’m happy for him. If I score two goals, he will be happy for me. It’s a healthy competition and we enjoy playing with each other

At present, there may be no comparison in the League

As a young player, Drexel said that he has many things to learn: “I learn from everyone who plays in the league. They are world-class players. In this process, I maintain my competitiveness and find my own way to play.”

Drexel admitted that he would often check the ranking of the season’s scoring table, but obviously, this season has only passed 20 games. There is still a long way to go before the playoffs. After all, ice hockey is a team sport. He just wants to do what can help the team win.

Drexel has built a deep friendship with Edmonton oil fans.

It’s Drexel’s sixth season in the NHL League. He has built a deep friendship with fans and his city: at present, Drexel has promised to donate more than $1.2 million to Edmonton and Alberta in a total of eight years.

“I look forward to helping the community, which is my home and part of a good start in my life. I want to build a good nhl jerseys cheap relationship with Edmonton, which will be very special. The fans are very supportive of us and spend a lot of money to see our game, especially when our results are not very good. Obviously, it’s important to give back to the fans. They want our team to succeed and we will try to do that. ”

Now, McDowell and Drexel are obviously the core players to deliver the main impetus to the rising oil team jerseys china.

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