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The Pingchang Olympics will be in Beijing time on February 9th at 7:30 in the evening held a grand opening ceremony in Pingchang on February 10th, ice hockey (women’s) officially began, the men’s competition will be in February 15th opened Zhanmu, we first take a look at the situation of competition for men and women groups

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1. South Korea

South Korea, as the host of the tournament, naturally wants to make a breakthrough in its performance. However, although many famous professional players in men’s competitions did not come to Pingchang, the deep ice hockey in Europe and America, as well as a large number of talent reserves, are enough for Koreans to have a pot. Results may still be abused, but has to face the South Koreans don’t want to lose and lose their jerseys in the design but under the foot work, even sent officials to the United States and to provide the Olympics Hockey Jersey for a leading Brand Company to discuss related design concepts. Though many sports facilities near the opening host are still not perfect by athletes and Tucao, but the appearance of this jersey still makes people look at the top, at least on the surface. A clear and clean design gives a fresh and refreshing feeling, with a large white and a blue zigzag pattern on the arm. Need to mention that, because the women’s game between the Koreas racing together, the game is definitely not a set of clothing, according to the days of warm-up picture, should be a dark gray color of the jersey, the official game is really like we can learn the women’s jersey.

2. Switzerland

The flag is still in the middle of the Jersey. It represents national confidence. But the white stripes are near the shoulders. It looks a bit abrupt. If it looks good, it will probably be seen on the court. How to see the big red and white cross is always thinking of the Swiss Army knife?

Olympic Hockey Team Jersey tour Canada Jersey was Tucao

Canadian national team uniforms

3. Canada

The lack of NHL in the tournament’s top stars, Canadian men’s ice hockey team is mainly for the veteran, selected members of 23 people had NHL experience, the total time of up to 5544, visible on the game’s attention canada. The general manager of the national team also said that hockey is the national ball of Canada, and the Canadian people’s expectations of the Olympic performance will not be reduced. Even if this game is no big help, although clearly difficult to win the gold, but they still want to proceed without hesitation to fight every game. The Canadian national team’s determination can be seen from the jersey. They have published 3 jerseys, which are the three main colors of red, white and black. But these three jerseys are also tucking up a lot. Many Canadian fans believe that the color is too monotonous, adding some different elements should have a good effect. Forgot to mention that NHL player’s absence will not affect the team’s performance, Canada women is still the most powerful contender for the gold medal.

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4. United States

The U. S. team is the main force for young youngsters, so their jersey highlights young vitality. The main colors of the American team are red, white and blue. In the cuffs, the design of the red, white and blue gradient makes the American team’s overall Jersey look very neat and nice. Why don’t other countries’ jerseys Do not imitate the US team?

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