Penguin three lead the team back on the right track

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The defending champion looks forward to three consecutive titles

There are two groups many powerful alliances, such as lightning team Gemini Stam Kurtz and Kuche’s star team, with Jamie Ben Seguin, but like penguins also have three offensive players in the team really full of wit is less and less. The three giant Penguins of Sydney – Crosby, Evgeny and Phil – Cassell Malkin combination in the last two months and did not appear to have any signs of a trend which cannot be halted, slowing.

In fact, the Penguins of the season did not start well, the team head two star Crosby with Mr slump, blame, Cassell is the only one who showed normal life support team. Almost no scoring team in 5 hit 5, can only rely on the strong goal of continued life. The team in the shooting success rate and the saving rate are the bottom of the league, more than 3 matches were hit by the opponent more than 7 balls, the second game of the Black Hawk is more than the Black Hawk 10 balls. Such bad results have left the team at the bottom of the metropolitan area. However, since entering the 2018, penguin’s status has been significantly improved. They have won 11 games in 16 matches. During this period, the performance of the penguin team is second. Malkin is a 3 game account 10 points the stunning performance, it can be said that Malkin is the key figure in the penguins on track. Since December 15th, Mr seems to have entered the super model, in the 22 game, he scored 21 goals in a total of 34 points, is now the only one goal with total scores are ranked in the top five of the league’s players. In the meantime, the more than 2 players have scored him less than 4, the more than 2 player to score 5 points less than him. Of course, this extraordinary performance is inextricably linked to the rapid advancement of his state, and the data also corroborate this point. In the meantime, Mr will his shot success rate increased to 27.6%, hit when scoring 8 goals 16 points.

Look at Cassell again. It can be said the penguins can bite the top teams are not left behind in the most danger, Cassell’s greatest credit. He has been efficient this season, and now his performance should be determined to be his year of life. In the 55 games that had already been played, the cannon scored 65 points in 24 goals, second only to 68 in the scoreboard, Kuche lov. In view of Kuche’s recent poor performance, Cassell beyond the end of the season he became the first, get on behalf of scoring at the Ross cup and even get on behalf of the most valuable player of the Hart Cup did not expect. According to his stable and efficient performance this season, if he doesn’t hurt, he can predict that he will win 30 points in sixth seasons and get more than 90 points or even 100 points, which is more than his season’s 18 points.

Malkin ranked second in the scoring charts, Cassell ranked second in the league in scoring, behind all this silently to do the wedding dress captain Bimibuke cross points. Can very responsibly say that Crosby is the greatest League game master, he is likely to decline year by year in the data, you will gradually feel his dominance decreased year by year, but as long as he was on the pitch, the opponent must play twelve spirit to take care of him, or you will pay the price. Although the fans waited anxiously for the 400th goal of the total career, he didn’t seem to mind that he couldn’t get in the ball. He could help the team through organizing attacks and assisting. In the past 22 games, the penguin captain has contributed 24 assists, more than any other player in the same period. He also won the season with 44 goals scored on behalf of the king’s “rocket” Richard Cup this season, although his scoring efficiency is greatly reduced, but he is another way to affect the game, but also can predict the end of the season after more than 25 goals or run away.

More than three players of their performance, they can be called the big 3 more thanks to the penguins when they hit three on the court at the same time the terror force. In strong statistical data, Cassell 9 goals 24 assists a total of 33 points, Crosby 7 goals 23 assists a total of 30 points, Malkin 13 goals 15 assists with 28 points, three in strong scoring list ranked 123, this also confirms why penguins are so lethal in strong, the team now with a success rate of 26.6% ranked first in the league, averaging less than 4 strong opportunities will be accounted for a ball, but basically each scored a goal for the big 3 will add a list of data. So, other teams in the face of penguins, the action still need to pay attention to some, or a small foul leads to the score is backward.

In the beginning of the regular season, many penguin fans were restless and even hopelessly lamented that the defending champion might not be in the playoffs. But looking at the two months of the penguin team’s performance, it is believed that the fans should be able to eat a relieved pill. In the two week of trading deadline, penguin’s uniform team will also reinforce the weakness of the team. After two weeks, the penguin lineup is sure to be more perfect. As long as the playoffs go into the playoffs, the horror King’s teacher will reopen his horse power. Who dare say that 3 consecutive titles must be absurd?

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