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Founded in 1943, the Hockey Hall of fame, recorded the development course of ice hockey in scenes of a memorable moment, shown here with the influence of great players of the sport and an important game for each ice hockey players, can be in the hall of fame is a great privilege. But in addition to the hall of fame, it is also the museum’s collection of valuable exhibits including the Stanley cup, and there may be some unexpected things.

1. star’s personal items

These exhibits are really “close to the body”. Patrick Kane, Crosby and Ovici Kim are probably the greatest three players of the time, and there’s no doubt a place in the future Hall of fame. Although there are many ways to show their outstanding performance in the arena, but the hall of fame selection let close their first to enter the exhibition hall. For example, as everyone knows, Kaine is very love to chew his braces, and Hall of fame revenue of a chewed up white braces; Crosby exhibits his laundry bag; as for the Aoweiqijin? It was a pair of slippers he wore in the 2011 all star game.

2. peanut butter, tomato soup and chili sauce

The best player in the NHL represent products have the honor on the shelf. Including the Rockets Richard endorsement concentrated tomato soup (packaging exquisite simplicity, classic retro red and blue color); Dominique Hasek’s Chili Sauce (Hasek is the greatest goalkeeper, NHL90’s got 2 Stanley cup, 6 times the univation award and the Hart prize for 2 times, 2014 Hall of fame); and of course the price of peanut he also said that this kind of sauce, peanut butter helps to restore the groin, huh, you speak you say.

3. crutches

Of course not all staff can enter the hall of fame, as described in the “billboard is immortal in the end by Mo Hoey Lentz his occupation career leg injury, in the stick.” Molenz is the first true sense of the history of the NHL superstar, a game of January 28, 1937 and the Black Hawk, he was the other players broke his left leg in a collision, the end of his occupation career, and in March 8th, died of complications of comminuted fracture, only 34 years old.

4. horse

In many exhibits in the hall of fame, in addition to hockey jerseys nhl, the most common is the oldest ice skates and old body protectors, they record the change and development of hockey equipment — of course in the first time, they can provide very limited protection. The first ice hockey gloves is also very simple, the fingers filled parts of hair, the wrist with a small stick to the fixed support.

It exhibits the Hockey Hall of fame: Diego was also ranked among the braces.

5. beer

In the middle of a Winter Olympic exhibition, would it be a little strange to see two empty beer boxes? In fact they can have a long history. In the 2010 Winter Games, President Obama and former Canadian Prime Minister Harper made a bet that their national men’s hockey team jerseys would win the gold medal. The Golden Globe winning final Crosby, Obama Yuandufushu, sent Harper a box of Canada’s favorite Mawson beer, but also comes with a box of American beer, really played a good advertisement.

6. lucky thing

Every playoff game before, the Penguins of Pittsburgh general manager Leslie’s wife, always ready to give the players a little lucky gifts, including engraved “many goals” small cups, and the metal horseshoe decoration, will write some serious or humorous or inspirational quotes in packaging. It was seen as a good luck to the penguins and won the Stan cup for two years in a row.

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