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Recently, a “save young Regret anything life” message in my 2016 china online supply cheap nike jerseys circle of friends constantly refreshed with WeChat, a graduate student from the examination of the third grade suddenly suffering from leukemia, the family is to the society for help. He is an annual scholarship student, maybe God is excellent in character and learning, jealous of his talents, put a curse on him, perhaps is the heaven of his test, given its important mission before let him suffer more hardships, no matter what kind of fact, is the same, that he is now lying in a hospital the bed received chemotherapy, and subjected to violence, his family worried, in order to give him medical treatment, around for money, even if only a glimmer of hope will never give up.

The cost of treatment of leukemia is high, in the circle of friends easily raise to get everyone’s love to pass, some donated 3000, some 500, some 100, and my friends also gave a little token of their own, although I only dozens of pieces…… 300 thousand of the fundraising goal until now, has achieved 210 thousand, visible caring people in the community or a lot, here we sincerely wish him to overcome the disease, early rehabilitation.

Xiaoqing thing: what do people regret before his death

Xiaoqing today want to do is not to promote social love, also not to call everyone to see the article for the students, with the most important Xiaoqing today want to talk about things in life.

I think the most important is life.

Remember the story of a man, A to work hard to earn money, and in the struggle,jerseys from china finally have their own business, the annual salary of one million, due to irregular diet and rest long time, at the age of 40, men B light, with only five thousand yuan monthly salary, at the wholesale 2016 nhl jerseys age of 80, would you like to do? Man A’s departure would be a huge blow to his family, parents are old age, no support to go begging, love to go to look at other people’s eyes, because no children are despised, because the father was no father and mentally ill students, a life lived in inferiority……

Life is the most important thing in the world, if you value is a number that our body is the number 1, money, power, family love, friendship is behind the 0, not 1, more 0 have no effect.

TED experts have done a statistical survey, people who are dying before what, the top five are:

1, I hope I work not so hard

2, I hope that I and my friends have been kept in touch

3, I hope I can make jerseys Free Shipping myself happy

4, I hope that I have encouraged me to be true to myself

5. I wish I had lived for my dream.

I think now the sick of the students must be very sorry. Sorry to write papers typing two night still in front of the computer Balabala; cold Laichuang regret to eleven did not get up to eat breakfast; a little regret at night still regret to my mobile phone button; brothers do not cherish the body with roommates night playing games with the students; regret gambling gas spell put a bottle of beer to drink in the stomach irrigation; the regret ran a weekly time step of such a simple plan have not been implemented; regret your parents usually do not have better, regret…… However, what is the use of regret!

Our parents work hard to save a little money, a lifetime under medical treatment, not only no money, debt does not know the needs of generations to pay, do not treat people, no parents, only hope not, for them is undoubtedly the heavens down, the need to rethink the will to live yi. One side of a friend said that if he had a white blood, he would not cure, and think of ways to save some money for the family, so that the family had a better point. I told my partner to tell him to shut his mouth……

We need to do is not imagining herself as a protagonist. What do we do now, but jerseys factory supply to avoid such things happen in their own side, in themselves, so we have to do is take care of their own lives, not overeating, do not stay up late, don’t eat junk food, not excessive drinking, smoking don’t overwork yourself the body, physical exercise, keep a good mood. But……

Prelude 1, the predecessor of the Raiders 2

Zheng Kai said: brother, drink!

A friend advised him: drink less, drink the jerseys direct supply injured body.

Zheng Kai said: drink more physical injury, do not drink more than I am sad (in the state of love), in order not to be sad, I still want to drink.

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