San Jose Sharks new jerseys

By • Sep 26th, 2018 • Category: NHL Jerseys Online

Carlsson unveiled his New Jersey at home.

Carlsson did not play in the first half of the pre-season match.

The San Jose sharks new jerseys opened their season’s first pre-season at home on Sept. 23 against the Golden Cavaliers from Las Vegas, who eventually won the Stanley Cup final 5-4 on penalties.

For the team, a pre-season loss is of course insignificant, and for shark fans, they were worth the ticket price yesterday – the team’s new recruit Eric Carlson came on stage in the first quarter with cool lights, giving the fans a big surprise.

In view of this is the team’s first pre-season, Carlson also put on sharks this season’s new third set of jersey, black “stealth,” refreshing. From the reaction on the spot, the shark fans really welcomed the little fox: since he appeared in the whole game on the tsunami, Carlson also enthusiastically clapped with the fans, skating into the rink he spread his hands to enjoy applause, quite a “new king to drive” domineering and unrestrained.

As one of the league’s best guards, Carlson won two Norris Awards and four All-Star awards. After his transfer from Ottawa Senator to Sharks a while ago, he was warmly welcomed by the people of San Jose, including huge billboards, newspaper pages and crazy crowds during each training session. Senator fans were reluctant to part with him (for details, please move to today’s headlines).

Say today. To describe Carlson’s appearance in pre-season, in one sentence, “the latest players are wearing the latest jerseys.” The new third set of replacement shirts from the sharks, with a black background and a cyan shark, looks rather grim and mysterious.

At the center of the taxiway, Carlson picked up the microphone and commented on the shirt: “It looks great.

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