St. Louis Blues won the first NHL Championship

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Blues 4-1 Brown Bear won away the first NHL Championship for seven teams in 52 years

On June 13, Beijing time, the NHL Stanley Cup finals ushered in Game 7 to grab the seventh battle. Boston Brown Bear sat in the North Bank Garden of TD at home against St. Louis Blues. With the goals of Ollie, Peter Langelo, Shane, Sanford and the heroic performance of goalkeeper Bennington, the Blues team beat the Brown Bears 4-1 away to win the NHL championship in the 2018-19 season, which is also the first Stanley Cup in the history of the Blues team.

Ryan O’Leary was elected MVP after the playoffs. Today, Ollie sent out a goal and an assistant, and recently scored in three consecutive games. O’Leary scored 23 points in 26 playoffs. He was also one of the 82 regular season Blues players, scoring 28 goals, sending 49 assists and cutting 77 points. Today, it was Ollie’s opening record in the first quarter that helped the team open the scoring account. He withstood the pressure and led the team to victory in the big game of the Seventh World War.

Competition Points

In the first six games of the finals, the two sides drew 3-3. Whoever wins this game will win the championship, which is a backwater battle for both sides. On Brown Bear’s side, goalkeeper Rask’s divine performance in Game 6 certainly gave the blues players a sense of despair more or less, and Brown Bear reached Game 7 relying on the dominance of the fight. The Blues team’s defense against strong attacks in recent games can be said to be excellent, and in the last game, to minimize the number of fouls is nhl jerseys online their number one goal.

Competition Review

In the first quarter, the brown bear made a killing machine in front of the goal in the fifth and eighth minutes. Goalkeeper Bennington kept the goal open by holding it high. In 16 minutes and 47 seconds, the Blues team took the lead in breaking the deadlock. After more than 10 minutes of fierce attack, the blues grasped the chance of counter-attack, and the baseball was passed successively. Ryan O’Leary near the Blue Line suddenly fired. The ball hit the brown bear defender’s skates and changed its course slightly. It just crossed the goalkeeper Rasco’s small gate. The blues in the away game gained a 1-0 lead through the third effective shot in the field. Nineteen minutes and 52 seconds, eight seconds before the end of the first quarter, the Blues rebounded and broke the jerseys wholesale door again. The Brown Bears made a major mistake in replacing. Marchand was easily passed without any indication. Blues captain Peter Langelo went straight into the pull bar to break the door, leading the Blues 2-0. In the second quarter of the game, the Blues team still adopted a stick-to-stick strategy. The morale of the Brown Bears team was also hit when they were 0-2 down. The two sides did not score in the second quarter. In the third quarter, 11 minutes and 25 seconds, Vladimir Tarashenko’s underpass, Bryden Shane raced the horse to score the ball, and the Blues 3-0 locked in the victory. 1522 seconds, the blues continued to expand the score, David Peron board wall 1 V3 to send out assists, Zack Sanford overnight, score 4-0. At the last moment, the brown bear emptied the door, 17 minutes and 50 seconds, Matt Gersek helped the brown bear pull back a city, score 4-1.

Post-match comments

At the beginning of the game, the blues still used the tactics of “Tianji Horse Racing”, dispatching four groups of themselves to take the lead. The brown bears in the home battle intentionally accelerated the attack and catching the ball to start the game, and made several excellent parties. The blues are obviously well prepared.nhl jerseys cheap Although the defensive line often creates dangers, goalkeeper Bennington’s play is like God’s help. Patient defense eventually helps the blues find the opportunity to break the deadlock first by counterattack. Previously, the team that scored the first goal won the cup in six series matches between the two sides. The Blues team adopted the strategy of defending and counterattacking. In the first two games, there were only 10 effective shots, while the Brown Bears’effective shots and blocked shots reached 38 (only the first two). In addition, it is worth mentioning that although the Blues team is passive most of the time, the players have a very good control of the number of fouls (one foul in the whole game), so that the brown bear is good at playing more and less. The more impatient the Brown Bears played, the more courageous the Blues goalkeeper Binnington fought. With the final goal of Shenko, the Blues won the game away.

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