U.S. NHL ice hockey team jerseys uses VR to train reaction ability

By • Apr 25th, 2021 • Category: NHL Jerseys Online

The program is from sense arena, and the NHL ice hockey team of the United States uses VR to train the reaction ability.

On April 23, according to foreign media reports, the New Jersey Devil, the NHL ice hockey team of the United States, announced that it would cooperate with VR sports training providers to adopt the latter’s VR training program as the official player cognitive training tool. It is reported that sense arena will use VR simulation to train ice hockey players’ jerseys reaction ability, adaptability to the game situation, and help injured players carry out rehabilitation training.

It is understood that the New Jersey Devil is the fifth NHL team to adopt the VR Scheme of sense arena for training. The company’s previous partners include the Vegas golden Cavaliers, the Los Angeles Kings and so on. Especially during the epidemic period, the use rate of sense arena’s VR training program has increased significantly, and it is often used to train goalkeepers. At present, nearly 40 professional goalkeepers have received their VR training.

The VR training course of sense arena supports Quest 2 all-in-one machine, which is flexible and portable enough. Players can train in their own kitchen, and the requirement for space is small enough. In addition to training goalkeepers, sense arena has also developed VR training courses for other types of players. In the future, cheap jerseys NHL plans to use sense arena’s VR program for pre match preparation and player recruitment, and even expand the scale of VR training.

According to statistics, the average weekly training time of players using sense arena is about one hour, and the utilization rate of youth teams is higher, and only 500 new users are added each quarter.

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