Vice President Chinese praising NHL race jerseys

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Ice hockey is expected in China in the future

The first Chinese NHL competition in history has ended, and this is the first step for NHL to move towards China’s vast market. 12759 fans to the king of Losangeles and Vancouver Canucks for the Shanghai Mercedes Benz center 10088 fans and Beijing Cadillac center has the world’s highest level of ice hockey show, through these games the repercussions, as if we can see the bright future of ice hockey in China.

“We are very encouraged by the viability of the long-term plan in china.” Bill, vice president of NHL, said at a news conference today.

We can see that the NHL to Chinese in addition to playing the game at the same time also shoulder the mission of roots and promotion of ice hockey, so they held a small player training camp in Shanghai, and they carried out Fan Fest in Beijing, are also well received. The Union and the players’ Union will evaluate the results of the Chinese race before making the next strategic decision, but vice president Daley has said he is impressed with the early impressions of the Chinese market.

As part of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics preparations, China is actively promoting the “three hundred million ice” plan, we are seeking to NHL related assistance, which is the core of NHL for the construction of infrastructure and the formation of the national ice hockey team of professional opinion, while China is the outcome of the game show.

“We certainly hope and intend to continue to help China keep the sport going.”. Although it is still in the initial stage, we have brought the best teams and best players in the world. We hope that China will become a regular event.” Daly said, “to make the sport root must invest in infrastructure construction in nhl jerseys China, this is the one we are aware of the fact that children from the beginning, so in order to occupy a space for one person ice hockey in the market, and we are ready to do so.”

Daly also said that the current number of Chinese nhl jerseys fans will not affect the enthusiasm of NHL.

“We really don’t know what is expected,” he said, “I can tell you that although all tickets sold out, but we do not know in advance the venue the final attendance will be how much — but we certainly hope that we can put a stadium filled.”

“But back to the strategic level, we wouldn’t be surprised at what happens on the day, and we know that laying down and developing interest can sometimes be a relatively slow process.”

When asked what the future outcome of NHL would continue to invest in China, Mr Daley said he did not yet know what the exact criteria would be.

“We are still in the primary stage, this is our first time to China, also from the two games to learn a lot of things — where do well, where you can do better, what mistakes should be avoided, obviously we will learn something and have already achieved in the process of application in future development. Rome was not built in a day……”

“When we look back, we should think it’s a good start.”.”

Rome was not built in a day, but we have been on the road.

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