What do NHL players warm up for before the game jerseys?

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Mini-games on narrow corridors

It’s weekend again, and it’s ice time in Deep Well again! __________ We all know that players warm up on the ice before every NHL match, but do you know that half an hour before the formal warm-up starts, before the players wear their team clothes and practice shooting at the starting goalkeeper, there will be some daily retention items, which are universally used in the league, that is, pre-warm-up.

The difference between a warm-up and a formal warm-up is that fans usually can’t see the warm-up, and naturally the local tyrants sitting in the front row closest to the dressing room ignore it. For example, in Washington’s First Capital Center, there is the MGM National Port VIP Lounge, which relies on the dressing room. When these ticket holders walk along the corridor, they often see journalists, broadcasters, public relations officers and off-site affairs officers handling their pre-match work.

In addition, on the long corridor just a few steps from the visitor’s dressing room, an hour before the game began, they could see the visitor’s players coming out of the dressing room. The following scenario:

Capital forward Tom Wilson said, “No, you know what the match day is like, you know where you’re going and what you’re going to do, and you’ve found out what’s useful to you in your career so far.”

Yes, for the NHL players who have developed habits, these are all part of the game day. Capital players’warming-up at home will not be seen, because they have a special power room next to the dressing room. Visiting players will not be treated like this. They can only use the relatively chaotic corridor – of course, Capital players have to make do when they play away.

As for the specific projects of preheating, there are no standards for different people. For some capitalist nhl players game jerseys, their basic daily activities may be the same as those in morning Skating – how long they stay on the ice and what tasks they accomplish on the ice. Oh, and the afternoon pre-race nap is almost unchanged, a combination of work and leisure.

TJ-O’Shea, for example, often uses the EVO UltraFit method developed by Arizona trainer Jay Schroeder to help balance and coordinate exercises, allowing specific muscle groups to concentrate to reduce the risk of ice injury. The choice of multiple procedures depends on the state of the body before the game.

What are the preheated events? In addition to the above mentioned acceleration, rope ladder, hand-eye coordination, football and basketball will even appear on the hockey player’s menu!

During the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Capital People’s press conference was moved to the NBA Washington Wizards’training ground (also in the First Capital Center) to meet media needs. This facilitates O’Shea, Justin Williams and others. When reporters wait for interviews with coaches at one end of the training ground, they shoot dribbles at the other end.

In addition, some players prefer to stay in the dressing room or training room, some players are more serious before the game, do not talk, some are very relaxed. Football is the epitome of the free nature of preheating before a match.

Relax your mind through some games before the game, not only can you warm up, but also can make the team atmosphere happy and nhl jerseys cheap eliminate tension. Why not? Of course, as ordinary fans, we have no chance to see these happy scenes, the VIP lounge, the front volleyball tickets are all discouraged.

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