What’s new in the NHL all star game?

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Fans are going to watch the ball at the risk of “rope life”?

According to ESPN, the NHL all star weekend in 2020 will be held from January 24 to 25 local time. At that time, there will be a new event in the all star skill competition. The players will shoot from the stand to the target on the ice. The ice hockey will become a “golf ball” and fly over the top of the fans’ heads at high speed. Fans across the stands need not worry about being hit by ice hockey, because the organizers have taken safety precautions.

NHL all star skill game to play new tricks fans to risk “rope life” to watch the ball?

On Friday, January 24, the All-Star skill competition will be held in St. Louis, with eight players appearing, who will stand above the lower seats in the enterprise center gymnasium. From there, they will shoot the hockey at the round target on the ice under the stand. There are different scores on the target position. According to the difficulty of shooting, the score of hitting the target center will be higher than the score of hitting the sideline.

“This is an encounter between ice hockey and top golf,” said a source close to the situation He cites a popular driving range where golfers usually shoot microchip embedded balls from the tee on the second floor of the course at large targets on the green.

NHL all star skill game jerseys wholesale to play new tricks fans to risk “rope life” to watch the ball?

Another inspiration for the tournament comes from a 2019 video produced by the Pittsburgh Penguins, in which star players (Sidney Crosby jersey) and (Evgeni Malkin) shoot Hockey from their empty stadium area 220 into an open net on the ice.

Given that the stadium in St. Louis will not be empty that night, NHL will take unique security measures. To protect fans in the lower stands of the stadium as well as those sitting under the hockey flight path, a protective net behind one of the goals will be reset and extended over these fans to cover them. This will be the only event in the skirmish where the net will be placed over the crowd, as this is the last event of the night.

This season, NHL has tested the new skill game in St. Louis, and everyone who has seen it has been very positive. The NHL all star weekend is scheduled to be held on January 24 and 25, featuring a 3-on-3 Mini match between teams in each division.

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