Witness the development of China’s ice hockey jerseys industry

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American coach’s ice hockey dream in China: Chinese children may also stand on the NHL stage

“The third eye” to witness the development of China’s ice hockey industry

As foreign Hockey Coaches in China, Cano and Mike have witnessed the rapid development of China’s hockey industry in recent years.

Before and after the millennium, ice hockey was still a popular event in China. At that time, there were only a few professional hockey teams in the northeast. In addition, hockey was basically deserted in other areas. There are only a few indoor commercial ice rinks represented by the international trade ice rink in Beijing, which is also the first ice rink of Cano in China.

With the east wind of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the development of China’s ice hockey jerseys industry has entered a fast lane. In 2016, China issued the ice rink construction plan. By 2022, there will be 650 indoor ice rinks in China, including more than 500 new ones.

The Beijing Youth Ice Hockey League has also developed from the scale of only 100 people in the early stage of its establishment to the 2019-2020 season, with more than 4500 registered players, most of whom are primary and secondary school students.

In addition, the youth ice hockey training model represented by the club model is gradually rising. These children can learn skating here, enter the club team, and then participate in the competition on behalf of the club. Earlier this year, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying also praised a young hockey player at Kevin school in Chaoyang District, Beijing on twitter. As the coach of this young player, Mike is also very pleased and proud.

Canada, the United States and Russia are traditional ice hockey powers. In history, there have been many hockey leagues in NHl Jerseys Canada and the United States. After many years, it has evolved into today’s NHL (North American Hockey professional league), that is, the Hockey League recognized as the highest level in the world.

“Hockey doesn’t belong only to North America. It also belongs to China and more countries. ” In Kano’s view, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is more like an opportunity, and it is not surprising that Chinese children will stand on the stage of NHL in the future“ I hope that even if the Winter Olympics are over, we can still see everyone maintain their love for ice hockey. ” During the interview, Cano constantly mentioned his hopes for Chinese ice hockey.

Let “ice hockey refueling” reverberate in China for a long time

In North America, the age of 12 is the age at which players are allowed to make direct body collisions in ice hockey. The disadvantages of Asian players usually appear at this stage. Many parents will therefore be deterred from developing their children’s hobby of ice hockey.

“In fact, ice hockey skills are very important. The children I teach in China jerseys nhl cheap are very hard-working. At this age, Chinese children play ice hockey no worse or even better than their European peers. ”

Cano enjoyed sitting on the stage and watching his little players gallop on the court. He believes that there will be future professional ice hockey players in China. In a trance, Cano can always recall the time when Chinese Ice Hockey Coaches trained themselves when he first came to China.

Until now, Cano has kept in touch with the original Chinese coach“ It’s more like an inheritance. ” Kano murmured. Cano added, “the coach is still teaching. They taught me before, and now I teach the children. ”

During the interview, Yang Chao talked about a detail“ In Kano’s class, he will organize the whole class to say loudly: ice hockey, come on. When the children ran back to the classroom, this sentence echoed all the way. It was very interesting. ”

In the near future, “ice hockey refueling” will resound not only in the Kevin ice hockey field in Chaoyang District, Beijing, but also in more ice hockey venues in China.

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