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 Content management allows you, the client, to update and add content to your website instantly. if you have an information-based website you can add news, information and images. if your site is ecommerce-based you can add new products or edit the pricing or descriptions of existing products. A Content Management Solution allows you, the client, to update and add content to your website instantly. If you have an information based website you can add news, information and images.
If your site is ecommerce-based you can add new products or edit the pricing or descriptions of existing products. If you can use a word processor, you can use our facility. There's no need to understand Web publishing technology to make changes to your website. Its intuitive, WYSIWYG interface makes publication of updated information quick and easy. Click here to request more information

The solution provided by allows organisations to ensure that their websites remain updated, providing fresh and accurate information to site visitors. Content such as text, images, links etc can be quickly and easily added, edited and maintained. Our solution is quick and easy to implement, fast to learn and easy to use for non-technical business users. Our Content Management Solution provides an answer for most organisations seeking a way to make their websites more effective while removing the hassles traditionally associated with web management. Click here to read some testimonials

eCommerce Solutions
One obvious application is eCommerce. Stand-alone eCommerce systems are in themselves a limited form of content management, applied just to product information. The better content management systems all incorporate eCommerce so that the site owner only needs to learn one system - imagine the confusion if you have to use one set of tools for maintaining your products and a completely different set of tools for maintaining everything else on your site. A further advantage of integrating eCommerce into a content management system is that everything that appears on a web site can be given a price - you can charge for downloading content as well as for real products. It even becomes possible to allow visitors to add content to the site - and charge them for doing so (e.g. Property sites).

Advantages of the Web Content Management Solution

  • Can be integrated into your existing website, or used to create a new website.
  • Allows you to take control of the text on your website.
  • Simple user interfaces makes our Content Management Solution easy to use.
  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Quickly and easily update text on your site via your web browser.
  • Updates are made instantly to your website.
  • Allows you to be proactive.
  • Can be accessed from any computer in the world with internet access.
  • Additional modules if your needs or requirements change.

    Ease of Use
    "The more powerful a system is the harder it is to use." This is usually the case but web content management systems may be administered by anyone in an organisation so must remain easy to use, however powerful they may be. A clear and consistent user interface is essential to ensure all those who need to can keep their information up-to-date without lengthy training. This is especially true for those people in an organisation who only occasionally need to update something. took industry standard guidelines as the starting point, and added all of the components that we felt other Content Mangement Solution providers had failed to deliver. In order to ensure that we continue meeting these requirements, we ask all users to send us details of any components they feel would improve our solution. These are passed on to our developers, and added to our Content Management Solution whenever possible. Content Management Solution License
    Our Content management Solution is only available under licence - This option keeps the initial capital costs low, but like any rental agreement you continue to pay for the service for as long as you use it. You must inform us in writing at least 6 weeks before the end of your annual subscription if you do not wish to subscribe to our service the following year. (Otherwise you will be charged.)

    Click here to print out our Content Management Solution technical document